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Setting up a Custom Domain

If you want to add a custom domain to that your LightRocket website shows up under your own domain here’s what to do (note that LightRocket does NOT host your domain):

1. Got to the service that hosts your domain – this is the company from which you purchased your name, like godaddy, or cheap-registrar or what ever it may be (there are lots and lots of them).

 Here’s just one example from cheap-registrar (note that your interface will probably look different but you need to find the DNS manager):


2. Navigate to the DNS management panel which is where you’ll be able to manage the parameters of your domain.

3. Next you need to add a new CNAME record. Click 'Add' to a new record and select CNAME from the options - as shown below (although the interface from your provider may differ)



4. Once you’ve created a new CNAME record you need to add an alias or host which should be something like www (as shown in the screenshot below)

 5. And lastly you need to point that hos at LightRocket. In the point to field enter (as shown in the screenshot below)

mceclip2.png6. Once you’re done, you can enter your domain name into the field provided on the website homepage and wait until the change is updated (which can take a few hours)


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