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How do I manage access permissions for my contacts?

LightRocket features sophisticated contact management functionality allowing you to filter access to your work and also communicate with your contacts by email, directly from LightRocket.

Browse to the 'contacts' panel from the drop down menu under your avatar or on your dashboard. 

You can add and invite contacts and determine the kind of access they have either for viewing your work or downloading it as well.

When granting viewing rights you can choose between 'personal' or 'professional' while for download rights the choice includes the ability to grant 'public' download rights too.

Public download rights grant a contact the right to download any files you have published and to which access has not been restricted.

When you set access to your files, you will be able to choose between allowing access to 'personal' or 'professional' contacts.

This determines who among your contacts, based on the rights they have been granted (personal or professional), will be able to see and/or download files for which access has been set.





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