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Can I add a personal watermark?

When you upload your photos to LightRocket for the first time, we'll automatically add a default LightRocket watermark, ensuring your images are protected. 

However if you are a 'standard' or 'premium' member you can also also upload your own watermark ensuring each of your files is protected and your own branding is visible. 

To upload your own watermark, log in and under 'My Account' in the main menu browse to down to the 'watermarks' page.

You'll also find watermarks as a sub-tab when you are in the archive management page. Follow the instructions on the watermarks page to add your own personal watermark to all of your files. 

When you upload your own watermark (provided it meets the requirements) all your image files will be automatically updated with the new watermark. 

The watermarks page looks like this:





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