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Who can download my pictures?

Your pictures, or indeed any file you publish on the LightRocket system, can only be downloaded by those to whom you grant permission. You can grant download permission to users you have added to your contact database and who are registered on the LightRocket system. Alternatively you can use LightRocket’s share function to grant download access to any contact for whom you have a valid email – without the recipient needing to register on LightRocket.

You will get a record of any downloads made by contacts to whom you have given permission to download. You can review your downloads on the 'Download Activity' page which can be accessed when logged in under the 'My Account' option in the main menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t get confused if you login and look at your files on the front end of your website or the front end of LightRocket – you will see the download icon under the thumbnails of your files – because they are your files and you should be able to download them! Try logging out and you will see the icons disappear – your files are secure.


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