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Can visitors download pictures for free from LightRocket?

Definitely not. We are keen to protect your intellectual property. Potential buyers can contact you if they'd like to purchase one of your files. 

Thumbnails are right click protected and preview files (including video previews) are watermarked by default.

You can even apply watermarks to your slideshows if required - just check the box at the bottom of the Watermarks page which you can access from the drop down menu under your avatar or from your dashboard. See screenshot below. 


The LightRocket system gives you full control over who may see and/or download your files. We hope you’ll find LightRocket to be a useful and secure way of promoting and selling your work online. 

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t get confused if you login and look at your files on the front end of your website or the front end of LightRocket – you will see the download icon under the thumbnails of your files – because they are your files and you should be able to download them! Try logging out and you will see the icons disappear – your files are secure.



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